Living a fulfilling life as a Multipod, helping others to.

I am one of the not-so-many persons who have decided to pursue all of their passions, shamelessly! i have closed my ears to societal standards and decided i would rather be ‘worth knowing’ than ‘well-known’.

What I Do

I do quite a lot of things (for profit and passion) but you’ll probably be interested in me as:

A Coach.

I partner with multipod individuals to birth a (new) career at the intersection of their passions and potentials. I give clarity to Multipod individuals who are seeking that ‘Aha’ moment or trying to loosen themselves from their very own shackles of indecision.

A Speaker.

I speak quite passionately about black culture and multi-potentiality. As an orator, i am often invited to give power keynotes speeches, join panel sessions and fire side chats on topics bordering black culture and the concept of Multipotentiality.

A Writer.

I am a culture writer threading history and popular culture to tell stories about blackness, being black and the undiluted black experience on home soil and in the diaspora. I run a personal blog where i write about my experiences or the lived experiences of other black people across the world. I also work as a screenwriter for television, documentary, film and alternative media projects.


I am a former choral sopranist (boy soprano) and choirmaster now currently mastering the counter-tenor repertoire with the ultimate goal to become a chamber chorus conductor/director. I also am a multi-genre contemporary rhythm and blues singer and often invited to perfrom at socio-religious gatherings.

Need Advice?

Pick my brain for an hour at $25 and be sure to gain instant clarity to get yourself unstuck.


“ Sometimes, clarity is a phone call, A conversation with a trusted companion, That answers all the questions on your mind. Other times, it’s a coaching session with the brilliant Tèinyé Boyle, Who brings perspective to your actions And shows you a way forward when you’re stuck. Thank you for your time yesterday, Teinye. I would have never thought of the ideas you came up with. If you are a multiprofessional looking to find clarity on combining all that you do into a focal point, I highly recommend Tèinyé Boyle. He is amazing at what he does. ”

Adesola Amoo

My Story

Teinye Daniel Boyle hails from Abonnema, Rivers state – Nigeria and is the second of two siblings. Born and raised in Ikeja, Lagos state – Nigeria, to a school-teacher mother and a military father. Teinye attended the Nigerian Air Force Primary and Secondary School, Ikeja – Lagos, before proceeding to obtain a Bachelors of Arts degree in Computer Science and Management from the University of Ghana, Legon – Accra in 2013. Teinye’s professional history can be categorized in the following sectors: