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Teinye Daniel Boyle hails from Abonnema, Rivers state – Nigeria and is the second of two siblings. Teinye was born on the 16th of September 1989 in Ikeja, Lagos state – Nigeria a school-teacher mother and a soldier father.

Teinye attended the Nigerian Air Force Primary and Secondary School, Ikeja – Lagos before proceeding to obtaining a bachelors of arts in Computer Science from the University of Ghana in 2013. Teinye’s professional history can be categorized in the following sectors:


Since 2009, Teinye has had an extensive work history as a creative writer, columnist and editorial lead producing articles for lifestyle, business and tech media brands across Africa. His knack for writing and editing led him to establish his now-rested men’s lifestyle digital magazine (GuyManStyle) , where he was editor-in-chief for three issues and under which the magazine hosted Nigeria’s first men-only fashion exhibition: GuyMan Style Week in Lagos 2017. before fully going into corporate Nigeria.

While in Cooperate Nigeria,
Teinye produced some of Nigeria’s brightest business articles, documentaries, activations and led favourable negotiations and partnerships across multiple businesses. Teinye is more into culture writing these days and working towards launching a new-media brand for black people in the United Kingdom.


Teinye has been in music since 2004. Starting out as a sopranist (boy soprano) in his local adult church choir at age fifteen and rising to becoming an assistant choir master at age sixteen, Teinye enjoyed an unrivalled reign as the lead soloist in many choral works.

Upon puberty, Teinye continued in choral music as a baritone tenor with various local and international church choirs and concert choir groups. Teinye’s journey as a classical musician has brought him before dignitaries from all works of life, including the late former Ghanaian president, John Attah Mills amongst others.

Through his journey, he has performed many choral works by great local and international composers such as G.F Handel, W.A Mozart, Franz Schubert, J.S Stainer, L.V Beethoven, Henry Purcell, Tchaikovsky, Sam Ojukwu, Chinedu Osinigwe, Harcourt whyte, Laz Ekwueme etc. Teinye is now mastering the counter-tenor voice type and building a solo repertoire while attempting to become a concert conductor. Teinye’s music dream would be to lead a chamber chorus as its director and conductor.


In 2013, Teinye Boyle Studios was founded in Nigeria but initially named Opubila in 2013 and rebranded to Mauve Nigeria in 2016. ‘Opubila’ originally founded as an event production company (which also housed a talent management branch that represented and managed fashion and pageant models) grew in prominence in southern-Nigeria and upon growth, rebranded into Mauve Nigeria to now function as a multi-media brand which included Public relations, Branding, digital marketing and Ghostwriting services.

After 2020, the focus became broader and with Teinye’s growing interest in film as well having relocated to England. the need to restructure and rebrand became apparent and being inspired by his film mentor, Tyler Perry, Teinye decided to reform Mauve Nigeria into Teinye Boyle to focus on three main areas: Media, Events and Film.
 Teinye is currently building a studio team to now take on documentaries, short stories and film projects locally and internationally.


Having studied Computer science as his first degree, Teinye’s day job and cooperate identity is being a technical writer and project manager for new-media and technology-enabled brands.


As a qualified support worker, Teinye’s brief experience in safeguarding adults and children with learning disabilities has enabled him use the acquired skill to work best as a life coach for multipod individuals. When not being a panelist, keynote or conference speaker, Teinye is coaching a class of Multipods via his community with same title as his book: Black Multipod

Teinye admits to be a sequential multipod (read BLACK MULTIPOD to learn more) and works round the clock and in sequence to tend to his many interests and business concerns.
 Teinye grew up between Lagos, Portharcourt and Accra and is married to Foyeke Rebecca Teinye-Boyle since 2021.

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